Coed Flag Football

Looking to join a fair but competitive game of Coed-Flag Football?

We offer Fall & Spring play with 10 scheduled games during the season and yearly local tournaments. Games consist of two 20-minute halves and coed 8 on 8 (5 males & 3 females) on the field. Our leagues are open to teams and free agents ranging with novice to advance skill levels. During the seasons, weekly statistics are run, game MVP’s are chosen and highlight video can be viewed here on our website.

COED Flag Football Rules

  • All players are required to start the play with two pop flags/triple threat flag belt.
  • Each team shall field eight(8) players, with at least three(3) women at all times.
  • Each team shall have four downs to earn a first down or score.
  • Team rosters, waiver and online player registrations must be completed and submitted prior to the first scheduled game of the season.
  • For all plays, in which a male player receives the snap, the ball used must be a regulation NFHS/NCAA/NFL sized football.
  • Female players, receiving the snap, may use a women’s or junior sized football.
  • The game will be divided into two 22 minute halves. Each team is allowed three one-minute timeouts per game.
  • At the beginning of each half and all scoring plays, there will be a kickoff(punt) from the 40 yard line.
  • There is no overtime during the regular season.
  • Blocking at the line of scrimmage or behind is permitted and shall consist of “checking” above the belt(waist) and/or below the neck.
  • No downfield blocking/tackling is permitted.
  • The term “closed” or “forced gender” means that a female must be the “operative player”. The term “open” means that any player, male or female, is eligible to be the operative player.
  • On a “forced gender” or “closed” play, a female will satisfy the “operative player” requirement ONLY if she crosses the line of scrimmage by running across the line of scrimmage, receiving a pass across the line of scrimmage or throwing a complete pass to another player already across, the line of scrimmage.
  • All punts are “live” and may be fielded after bouncing on the ground.
  • Touchdown:
    ⦁ 6 points – Male QB or Male receiver.
    ⦁ 8 points – Female QB or Female receiver.
  • Field Goals may be kicked for extra points but are not allowed to be rushed.
  • A “one foot” marker is the “RUSH LINE”.
  • The ball will be spotted where the ball is at the time the ball carrier’s flag is pulled.
  • All punts are “free punts” and must be kicked not thrown.
  • Flag guarding is not allowed.
  • For a player to be considered “playoff eligible” (eligible to participate in the playoffs), he/she must be listed on a team’s roster and must have played in a minimum of three regular season games for that particular team.